Late Night Journal – 06/13/2022

Monday evenings are so tiring! I mean, it’s 8:27 pm where I live, and I feel like I just want to hop into bed. Well since I’m back to one job that’s something I can do, so that’s why I’m writing this early, so I can read 1984 in my bed and fall asleep like an elderly man (which I am, internally, an old soul). It’s been raining non-stop so that’s like, the best plan 🙂

I’m back at the gym and that’s quite a challenge for me; since you don’t know me physically I got to confess I’m a heavy guy, I used to be very slim and when I started taking a certain medication I gained weight like a motherfucker and ever since I’ve been a fat-ass dude. I’ve always hated it and recently I came to accept that I will always hate it and therefore the best course of action is to lose that weight rather than complain while eating a fried chicken bucket (that’s obviously a cliche joke). So I’ve been eating really healthy and working out violently and I’m super happy about that, I feel like I’m moving in the right direction and have already lost about 10 pounds in less than one month; at least for me, that’s a big deal.

Now, one thing that I find very interesting is that when I’m working out intensely and right after my session I feel plugged into a primal version of myself, like VIP access to the amygdala / reptilian brain. I start thinking of working out earlier, getting into martial arts, taking cold showers, and becoming a weird kind of urban warrior, with no one to fight 😦 but a lot of testosterone and determination! LOL.

And well, since I’m on that subject, I’ve kept working on my content related to Fight Club (I think it’s getting under my skin now after writing that last paragraph), and although I haven’t written the second piece yet, I did finish a video tribute I’ve been working on and I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed building it! (although that probably makes no sense :/). Anyhow, hope you like it!

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