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The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club

I’m thrilled to present to you “The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club”.

I’m a person of the Arts and Humanities, and I happen to believe there are many breadcrumbs to a deeper understanding of the world, which have been left by some of the greatest minds in diverse disciplines like film, literature, arts, and music.

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Night Journal: Rabbit Hole 1

Have you felt the call of the Rabbit Hole? It’s a big question, and even a greater decision whether or not to listen. Me, I’m listening to Combichrist right now, with a big ass vodka bottle and a glass full of ice beside me; I’ve found out basically any San Pellegrino sparkling water mixes beautifully…

Sunny Outside

It’s sunny outside, and to my surprise, inside as well. A fresh, calm breeze and the chirping of birds as I open my window, a world of simple beauty for my yearning eyes to dwell. A cypress rises proud, it dresses in a spotted gown of yellow and green interleaved, a brave dog barks in…

And if

What if the outer shell was punctured, and the pain would just be drained out, like foul stagnant water, leaving the stench of the past behind, evaporated, and the relief of a smile on my face? What if the inhabited land above my shoulders was abandoned by all? What if it was left desolate, except…

Night Journal 06-06-2023

So I learned that there’s a cruise ship that takes you around the world for 3 years and you basically live there: man I want it, I want it so bad! It’s like the dream come true of a rebel soul with true wanderlust! And that’s me! Now think about the planning and other aspects…


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