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The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club

I’m thrilled to present to you “The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club”.

I’m a person of the Arts and Humanities, and I happen to believe there are many breadcrumbs to a deeper understanding of the world, which have been left by some of the greatest minds in diverse disciplines like film, literature, arts, and music.

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Music Crisis: Nick Drake

I’ve become such a controlled man with age. And you know what? It’s good for me, it’s probably saving me from a lot more pain than I have and even from an early death. It’s good for me, to be patient, structured, and controlled. On the flip side… Fuck, I can’t let it define me,…

Late Night Journal – 12/08/2022

I’m back with “Late Night Journal” folks. I know, I always say that, and then: poof! I disappear in a purple mist. But, I want to make this type of post more regularly. It’s interesting though, I feel like this is the “Meta Journal” because I’m taking this entry to speak about the journal itself.…

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey, help me understand  Why are cowboys this sad below a summer sky  It’s been a while, old buddy,  We’ve traveled the wasteland for some time.   Smoky’Ol wizard  Cast that icy curse, let it slide like silk down my throat   Pick me up from the dirt and, by all means,  Strip me…

Her Portrait

“She won’t let go.” He sighed as he contemplated the nearly finished portrait. Something deep inside broke that very moment. In strokes of pain and yearning, he constructed an ideal. She would never know he loved her unless he gave up the brush and picked up the phone. “Then, I’m letting her go.” He dialed.


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