Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey, help me understand 

Why are cowboys this sad below a summer sky 

It’s been a while, old buddy, 

We’ve traveled the wasteland for some time.  

Smoky’Ol wizard 

Cast that icy curse, let it slide like silk down my throat  

Pick me up from the dirt and, by all means, 

Strip me out of my treasures 

Go trade them for booze and guns 

Cause I don’t want no memories  

That they were there once.  

Tennessee whiskey, bring the wild Ol’wolf,  

Shake it out of its slumber  

And have it cast out  

the spirit of the law-abiding man from me. 

Let us gamble now, draw our knives, and stab the sunny skies 

Make it rain upon the faithful and throw mud on their plans. 

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