A.I art based on a portion of this writing exercise

The pressure in her chest, in her head, like a dam full of cold waters, that seemed still and crystalline, but she knew (oh she had always known) the murky depths and the treacherous currents that seemed to scream so loud the whole structure started to crack.

She had the key, this is what she knew, and it was a key like no other she’d ever seen in her life, an object conceived in magic, yet it also carried a weight of madness. After walking 10 miles in the direction that the old hand-drawn map indicated, she finally arrived; it was hard to imagine that such a large building would stand alone in that deserted landscape, just the absence of purpose that impregnated the structure was enough to chill her bones. The front door was made of dark metal, and it seemed quite heavy, she reached for the key, but the door was open, just a little push was needed, and the thick, metal door seemed to have no weight as she quietly entered the place.

There was no one. The structure was a perfect cube, gigantic, cold, and terrifying, there was nothing but a blue door at the opposite end; her fingers ran through the intricate shape of the magnificent object inside of her jacket, this was a place worthy of its magic, and of its madness…

She approached the unfamiliar door and nervously took the key from her pocket. She took a deep breath, unlocked the door, paused, then opened it. To her horror, she saw a perfect, empty, giant cube, like the one she had just entered and walked across, and at the opposite end, coming out of a blue door, a woman held a rare shiny object in the opposite hand than she was holding her key, and stared at her with eyes wide open in unbelief…

“Is this… me?”

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