Cultural Deviants Coffee Club: The Journey Continues

Cultural Deviants Coffee Club – Animal Farm: Session 3 [1/2]

Some months ago, when I started developing a lot of concepts and putting them in writing, one of those projects I published about was the “Cultural Deviants Coffee Club“, and I just went back to search for that article and realized it was in July, so recent! I can’t believe it’s so recent because it’s been very intense and tiring, but very rewarding as well!

The first series was a two-part analysis of “Fight Club”, the movie and we’re currently in our third session of analyzing the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Good old, raw cultural and political commentary as the work in question is.

I have to say, I’ve been an entrepreneur in the past and I know how hard it is to build something from scratch, this jjosuminded concept is not only this blog, but also a lot of work in social media, it’s my personal brand, my thoughts and my attitude towards life that I’m presenting to the public as a gift: a big part of who I am. That alone is emotionally very burdening, and the work it entails is certainly an uphill walk; I decided I will make it work, I will put in the hours, weeks, months, and years. I will make it work.

Cultural Deviants Coffee Club – Animal Farm: Session 3 [2/2]

Learning from the younger

I have made interesting discoveries while working on my project, and by the way, these are not only product of working on it but also of my own personal work and reflection; you see, I dedicate a lot of time to think about what I think, what I believe and what my perception of things is. Partly because I want to ensure I’m building a strong thought structure that I’m communicating and partly because I want to ensure I remain open to be wrong and learning new things as I build; you need to leave room for improving, fixing, and expanding.

I don’t consider myself an old man, I’m a 35-year-old daddy, so that’s an undeniable testimony that I’m not that young any longer, but there’s I believe, a lot to do and a long way to go. Yet I’m old enough to recognize the vast differences between my generation (millennials) and the next ones in the queue, nowadays young adults: Gen Z.

Man, I love that I learned to be less opinionated with time and more receptive, because pride and stubbornness can deprive you of huge learning opportunities, such as learning from the young! Twitch is the centennial playground (or one of them) and to me it’s a true wonder, not only as a platform (hats off to Amazon) but also as a community-building space. And the fellows, the streamers, man I wish I knew them before! They’re SO CONFIDENT, they show no fear, no insecurity and they won’t be easily bullied. I love them!

Of course, this is generalizing, but there’s a set of traits of each generation, I can also realize things they need and risks they have, one of them is being unaware of the existence of such. I really want to share with them what I’ve collected throughout the years and provide them with tools to take that boldness they have and make actual positive changes in society and become a fucking rockstar generation.

And don’t get me wrong, I feel that for the most part, I love my fellow humans regardless of their age group, and so on, and I’ve learned so much from boomers, gen-Xers and my own millennial peers; I also believe I’ve helped quite a few of them when they’ve needed it and my content is a 100% for you as well. But maybe because of the transition I’m living, the awareness of my growing older and being a parent for 7 years now, and the uncle of a 20-yr old, I start thinking of young people with a certain tenderness and a willingness to share with them whatever value is in me. I guess that’s only natural, to think about leaving a legacy when you feel you’re getting older.

How is all of this connected?

I don’t know, lol, sometimes I just feel things and will write them down, I guess I’m learning from GenZ to be more exposed and give more of a fuck about how adequate that seems.

By the way, and also using that new superpower, here’s my LinkTree link to all my social media: Follow me there, I’ve met a lot of beautiful bloggers here and I need a push, I’m working very hard, and not reaching a lot of people, but I know this will change soon: be a part of it!

With love,



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