Michal Filipczyk: An Opportunity to Help

Michal Filipczyk has been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, an incurable disease


Hello folks,

It’s been a while since I don’t write on my blog and honestly, it’s because I’m rebuilding my concept for this page and preparing to come back kicking ass!! So by no means am I done with this, nor am I abandoning it, just taking some time and I appreciate your patience.

Well one thing I’ve always wanted to do when I build a strong platform for myself is to use it to help people in real need of help, people whose adverse circumstances seem beyond their ability to control. I’m just beginning my project, yet I also have the chance to do what I can at this moment.

If you’ve read my “Let Go” article you know that as a teenager I suffered much, way beyond my capacity to do anything about it, and until the last couple of years (I’m 35) I’ve been experiencing a life closer to “normal”, due to health issues. I’m very sensitive to kids and teenagers in distress because at those ages you just want to live and discover things, you don’t really want to be dealing with hospitals, surgeries, and other things that are tragic for kids to experience.

Today I found from a good source (I don’t ask for donations unless I’m quite sure of who’s asking and what for), the case of Michal; Michal is from Poland and he’s only 15, he’s been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis which has no cure, but the condition can be improved with treatment. He needs treatment for a full year and that’s about $250K USD, which is a lot of money for most of us, I included.

Every little donation matters, I’ve made my own and you can as well by going here, you can use any debit/credit card and there are more payment options.

Thanks for your attention.


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