Art For Today – 07-08-2022

“Merry Cemetery” by Amrita Sher-Gil (1939)

Amrita Sher-Gil was an amazing Indian artist, who died prematurely at age 28, yet leaving a prolific legacy of creativity and beauty.

Amrita’s style was very influenced by Western schools of painting, Post-Impressionism mainly, but the richness in coloring seems to evoke the East for some critics, so her work is a very unique blend and a huge influence for Indian artists after her.

I personally like this painting very much, as I find it very warm in spite of dealing with an otherwise “gloomy and cold” subject of a cemetery, well it is a “merry cemetery” after all! The variety in reds, browns, and greens as well as her strong brushwork observed here was also part of her signature style, this cemetery remains solemn while it evokes the fact that death is only another part of the life of a vibrant village around it 🙂 . At least to me!


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