The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club

Live Streaming on Twitch and YouTube

I’m thrilled to present to you “The Cultural Deviants Coffee Club”.

I’m a person of the Arts and Humanities, and I happen to believe there are many breadcrumbs to a deeper understanding of the world, which have been left by some of the greatest minds in diverse disciplines like film, and literature, arts, and music.

It’s a delight for me to analyze and interpret the beautiful legacy of great artists, I also happen to believe that if you’re a non-conformist, a person who’s thinking outside of propaganda and cultural mainstream, you’re probably interested in finding like-minded individuals.

My aim is to achieve both things and share them with you, and through this start building a community, an actual “Club” where creativity, connections, projects, and great ideas can spawn in freedom, detached from bullshit impositions around us.

So I say: Let’s do this!

TCDCC will start streaming next week and it will also be recorded and uploaded to my YouTube channel. So here’s the gist:

  • Live Streaming on Twitch Thursdays at 9 pm CT here
  • Live Streaming on YouTube Saturdays at 9 pm CT here

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