Art For Today: Vampire

“Vampire” by Edvard Munch (1895)

The first title that was given to this piece was “Love and Pain” which can clearly be related to what we see here, however, the final title is “Vampire”, giving a bit of a surprising twist, as I don’t quite see the all the supernatural elements I would expect from such a motif.

However you choose to view it, it’s a beautiful piece, she seems to be comforting him and he seems lost in her embrace; not only her arms, but her hair surrounds him, intense red hair and above them, a large shadow covering them which I believe adds a bit of the ominous vampiric element; there’s something else behind this beauty, there’s a hidden motive behind the romantic scene.

Part of why I chose to publish this one today, is because I happen to be reading Dracula by Bram Stoker currently, and just last night I was horrified by the scene where the vampire ladies start harassing Jonathan Harker.

But even if you remove the supernatural element, there are complex relationships where the attachment is a source of comfort and pain, they may not suck your blood out literally but could quite take the life out of your soul. Beware of those, my friends!

(Don’t judge me, I’m excited about gothic literature rn xD)

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