Late Night Journal – 06-27-2022

Dreamworks? Is that you?

Good evening! Tonight I’m writing an early night journal, actually, but I need to honor the section name. I’m quite tired and I’m not sure why; it may be cause my wife and kid have been sick, and I’m probably getting sick as well 😦

It’s been a while since I don’t write one of these, and I will keep doing it, it’s just since I’m always exploring things, it’s hard to keep a discipline or habit like writing an entry daily. I need to improve on that.

There has been a lot going on ever since my last entry, new posts in different sections of this blog, I’ve also joined several online writer communities in an expectation of learning more about this life, things like:

  • Plotting stories
  • Literature critique
  • Publishing and others

My aim is to publish some of my work as books eventually. So I guess that’s another update (not sure if I mentioned it before), I’m working on two book projects:

  • One is a poem compilation, very personal and deep
  • The other is a psychological horror-thriller (novel)

So yeah, it’s not easy to get started with these, or even worst, maybe getting started is not the real issue, but taking them to completion is. And, the more I read from others and meet people with similar interests, the less unique I feel and the more lost in an ocean of ideas, styles, stories, and thousands of people who want the same things as I do (or similar).

Now, I guess that sounded a bit grumpy or negative, but it’s not. I’m looking for this exactly, a more objective perspective on what’s the amount of effort it will take me to write a book, publish it and make it successful. It’s hard, but also I believe you need to seek trouble, struggle, be hurt, feel discouraged, and then find meaning in continuing that road that’s required so much from you. Who knows, maybe I end up enjoying it, maybe I will meet people whom I’d really like and acquire a lot of collateral benefits as it happens often. I’m feeling a bit down about all this tonight, I tried to write something I really wanted to complete and my mind just wouldn’t react, blocked. It felt like crap. Sorry fellows, sometimes you just need to let it out 😦

Writer’s block, it happens.

OK I seriously need to change subjects to something more lightweight, you know a little drama and a little entertainment. So I’m excited because I discovered Twitch, yes believe it or not, and for a kid raised in the 90’s, when Super Nintendo was cutting edge technology, being able to play extremely realistic games and also comment on them and show them to the world, it’s simply amazing. Initially, I was resistant to change and I kept playing “nostalgia” games from the past, but come on, that’s nonsense! I mean, I still love those little games, but the people developing them were dreaming on being able to create what we play nowadays and didn’t have the technology to do so; it’s like people who insist on driving manual cars because that’s somehow more badass, nah, things change and if we don’t, then we’re just left behind.

So I’ll leave you with a very tough mission I passed during the weekend (commented as I play it, of course), the game is Death Stranding, and I will write about it in a later article, I decided to create a new section on Video Games. You know, it’s my blog, my kingdom, my will be done ;D



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