Late Night Journal – 06/09/2022

I love driving at night, seriously.

There’s this silence all around you, this quiet tension of being surrounded by darkness and being conscious there’s a bit more risk than usual, and it’s on your hands to manage that risk.

It probably sounds odd, truth is, I love and fear the night, both. It’s a beautiful time, it’s a part of being alive but probably subconsciously I view it as a symbol of chaos and the unknown. Having a certain degree of control over my life surrounded by chaos and the unknown is what energizes me about driving at night alone.

OK, that’s about the proper amount of weirdness for tonight. On the more mundane subjects, today was the first day in maybe 3 or 4 years that have had a regular work day in an office, surrounded by my colleagues. I literally saw my colleagues in person for the first time after working from home for a long time. It was so nice, I almost had to control myself so they didn’t notice my excitement; dude it’s so true that you miss things you take for granted when they’re gone! Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home and will continue to do so, but even for a socially awkward individual such as myself, having contact with others comforts me internally at some level.

I had the biggest margarita ever in my life (with a Corona bottle inside, regular size), so good that I almost ordered a second one! Then I remembered I had to go back to the office and I did not xD .

OK, my invisible internet friends, I love you, I need to sleep.


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