Late Night Journal – 06-08-2022

Well, today is not that late but I’m sleepy and tired so it’s better to write now!

Today I took my family to “The Van Gogh Immersive Experience”, we’ve been waiting for this event for months and it was a beautiful moment within a not-so-nice week, LOL so definitely worth it!

My kid was ecstatic! It was fun, he told me “dad I’m feeling mythological right now!” It was so funny, he’s 7 and he really likes the universe so while learning the names of planets and constellations he came to learn about Greek mythology. I’m pretty sure he meant “dad, this unreal” but yeah -I got it, little chap!

Also, I posted today about my Music Crisis which is a recurring (and annoying) situation that pushes me to discover new music (so it actually has a good outcome). And I’m excited because this is the beginning to start writing my music reviews.

You know? It might not sound like much, but having this little website and writing on a daily basis really makes my life much better; I’ve been suppressing this part of me for years but I’ve never stopped to dream about writing regularly. Now I’m doing it! I’m really living one of my dreams right now and that’s a big thing 🙂 .

I want to thank you, sincerely, for reading me. I added a Contact page today, and look, I work in technology but I don’t have any experience with websites and it was such a pain to find out what to do!!! Believe it or not, I actually changed my theme back to this black theme just because I ruined things so badly that I had to get back to something relatively known to fix it from there. But I made it!

My preferred way of getting in touch is via Instagram, I post art every day, and content which you will find complements this site quite well so I’d really like you to follow me there, pretty please! I answer messages and if you’re also building an audience and ask me, I’ll be glad to follow you back, as long as you’re a human and not a bot.

Good night!


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