Late Night Journal – 06-05-2022

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So heeeeey, it’s night again and not only that but a Sunday night! Seriously, are you reading me at this ungodly hour? xD

Big day today for blogging, it was my second day since I published this blog and for a Sunday there were a lot of reads and even some likes, thanks so very much! And it was kind of an important day because today I did not publish poetry but movie analysis! Yeah, that’s right! I’m starting a 4-part series on Fight Club and I’m thrilled since this is hands down one of my favorite movies from my teenage years (yeah I know, I know I’m kinda old).

On another topic, I returned to the gym after a month of absence and it felt great! I’ve dropped a lot of weight and I’m slowly but surely transitioning to a much healthier lifestyle which I feel very proud of given I used to be quite self-destructive not so long ago. So yeah, feeling good but super tired!

I got to spend some very nice time with my son today, he’s 7 and quite a little genius (no, for real teachers don’t know what to do about it :/ ). So since he gets so bored and is always getting A’s, I came up with the “Science Club” so on Sundays I spend some time together learning more advanced subjects and he loves it, so I teach him math from upper grades and today we started learning Middle School Biology and Physics, he was so thrilled! Now having said that, he did have the creepiest idea: I told him I would get him a microscope and he says he wants to see an E-Coli bacteria so he’s gonna put some poop on a slide for us to view it 😦 . Can anyone put in the comments a nice way to deny this initiative? LOL.

Alright, this is enough for a Sunday night and I hope you have an amazing week!



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