Late Night Journal – 06-04-2022

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Alright! So this is really really exciting, you’re witnessing a historical moment, the first entry in the Late Night Journal, heeey!!!

In this site you’ll see a lot of what’s on my mind: poetry, opinion on arts and music, cultural commentary and so on.

But this is none of that, so I dare saying this section is for fans only 😉 Not serious at all, but as intimate as I can allow it to be, again, for fans…

This is a freely written journal I’ll keep writing at night, because there’s a special magic late at night, like a daring electricity that excites the imagination! Some of the craziest and most exciting ideas I’ve had, happened at night, most of them are stupid AF but well, there’s a magic to it.

I have to confess I’m a bit tipsy right now, I know I’m not exactly a cowboy when it comes to drinking, it’s odd I can drink 6-8 straight scotches in a row and still behave decently, but there’s something to wine (and specially Sangría) that kicks me so hard!

In any case, here are the random thoughts for the night!

  1. This past Thursday I had an appointment to renew my passport, long story short, I’m applying for a possibility to obtain European residency so it was pretty important for me. Because eveything government-related is fucking clumpsy in this country, I had to drive 200+ KM to have my fucking passport renewed. Annoying as it was, it gave me the opportunity of visit a coastal province that’s very close to my heart. Man I was so depressed, this place is to poor and backwards in time, it seems like a completely different reality than my everyday life which I feel is very blessed; this province is important to me because I lived there for a short time as a kid and because my dear uncle died there this year, having loved this place and built a family there during his lifetime. I’m decided that when I achieve to amass a good capital I’ll go back and explore ways to develop this area, which is in terrible neglect.
  2. On the good news (this should have been point 1), today I’m launching this web site! And I’m SO THRILLED! I mean I’ve set up websites in the past for businesses I had but this is different, because this is a portal into my mind and my whole life plan transtitioning to an active career as a writer, which has been a struggle for many years (I’ll tell you more details later). In any case, besides publishing my first modest posts, I’ve received almost immediate support by other bloggers and readers and I’m so thankful!!! Thanks for liking my poetry, it means the world to me!
  3. Just visited a small restaurant, grill style, and ate a true feast for a very affordable price so I’m super satisfied. There was live music and I thought on how I’d love to play at a bar in the near future (I’m a bit of a music enthusiast), and it’s certainly among my plans to have my own restaurant/bar/theatre to present my own shows and the ones of crazy, talented artists doing things worth witnessing.
  4. Also, I’ve been thinking about NFTs. Man, it’s so hard to control emotions when it comes to collectibles! I’ve got my eye on Tripsters (already own 2) and Cets on Creck (but, fuck they’re expensive 😦 ) . And it’s bear market now so prices are loooow. But then again, I’m also “adulting” lately and realizing this is a hobbie for people with a lot more money and/or less responsibilities than I do; honestly it’s a high-risk gamble and it’s expensive. So, I decided once I achieve my savings/invesment goals (working two jobs rn, so I’m fucking serious about my goals) , I’ll give myself a break and purchase some nice NFTs and hopefully some of them turn out to be a good investment.
  5. Final one: I’m watching a series called “Severance” in Apple TV+. It’s produced by Ben Stiller and it’s just amazing. I won’t spoil, but they really manage to portray the psychological dynamics of population control by adoctrination/ideology quite well, while preserving a somewhat dystopian but relatively grounded reality of people whose memory has been split in two in order to have two “personas”: one with a personal life, and one exclusively with a work life. It gets creepy very fast and if you read into it, it also provides some good criticism concerning power dynamics, personal freedom and corporate/political tensions in society. Definitely worth watching, compelling visuals and strong characters which are carefully and well developed.

OK that’s it for tonight, cheers! 😀


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