By Josué Vargas


astonished at the vision

of souls – civilizations even –

flowing upstream / downstream

the boundless sea of intangible waters

and everlasting waves

My bliss, a light beam

and my sorrow, an electrical impulse

Dreams making haste to precipitate

from rainy clouds,

ethereal prisons for the brave new human

My meaning became encrypted

-swallowed the key…-

As dawn breaks, it’s all binary,

as dusk falls all life is gone

Its absence in continuum

and the illusion of presence,

in systematic intervals.

Then absence, and now,

it’s just returning errors

So I close my eyes to remember

the wood and the strings,

the paper and ink

The echoes of laughter,

the sigh of hope

and the bittersweet release

of crying out a broken heart

No if, then or else

no flawless algorithm

Only human

In letters hand-written,

in words unspoken,

with few chances and few choices,

but the entire world to uncover

Yet, he’s still there,

breathing heavily, buried in bytes,

dormant, but soon to awake

Then ink will stain the empty space,

prowess will prove the machine wrong

and dreams,

dreams will turn into a hammer immortal,

forged in fiery torment

To crash the system’s core

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